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Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Power User Training


Objectives: This SharePoint 2007 Power User training course offers students a practical understanding of the use, creation, and management of MOSS 2007 sites. Sharepoint MOSS 2007 uses and benefits for Collaboration, Document Management, Web Content Management, Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation. Students attending this course learn how to effectively navigate and contribute content within the framework of a collaborative environment.

Target Audience: This course is designed for experienced users who will be creating, managing and maintaining SharePoint sites within an organisation. Others who will benefit from this course are:

  • MOSS 2007 users needing a better understanding of how to find content and use collaborative sites.
  • MOSS 2007 users who are responsible for managing sites (or components of sites), such as lists/libraries.
  • Help Desk personnel who provide support to end users that use or manage MOSS 2007 sites.

Duration: 2 Days

Module 1–Introduction to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

This module highlights the uses and benefits of MOSS 2007. Navigational components, alerts, and personalization are reviewed and demonstrated. We also identify the terminology used throughout the course in this module.

Module 2 - Overview of SharePointTechnologies

  • Maintaining information integrity
  • Overcoming ineffective team coordination
  • What are the benefits of using SharePoint?
  • Efficient enterprise team collaboration
  • Creating a SharePoint Site

Module 3 - Using the site creation wizard

  • Assigning members
  • Customising and updating site settings
  • Site Access

Module 4 - Site Groups

  • User Rights
  • Controlling Permissions
  • Documents storage

Module 5 – Using Libraries

  • Working with document types
  • Working with Views

Module 6 – Creating Views

  • Generating user-defined fields
  • Sorting and filtering lists
  • Using Web Parts to customise a page

Module 7 – Selecting components from the gallery

  • Review criteria
  • Grouping in reports
  • Calculations
  • Reports design issues

Module 8 – Uploading Documents

  • Office Integration
  • Check-In/Check-Out Processes
  • Document Versioning
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office

Module 9 – Document collaboration with Word

  • Synchronising Excel and Access with SharePoint lists
  • Coordinating schedules with Outlook
  • Enhancing team communications

Module 10 – Building a Discussion Board

  • Engaging in Web discussions
  • Using Microsoft InfoPath

Module 11 - Understanding Infopath

  • Using built-in templates
  • Activating the form library
  • Using the captured data
  • Using Workflows

Module 12 - Using workflow templates

  • Creating custom workflows
  • Working with dynamic data

Module 13 - Referencing the data source catalogue

  • Linking to multiple data sources
  • Populating a data view
  • Personalising enterprise information with SPS tools

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