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Excel 2010 Training

This one day Excel training course introduces the skills necessary for productive development of Excel workbooks. It includes tasks to explore Excel, use basic Excel workbook skills and create simple Excel formulas. Delegates will also learn how to use the Office Assistant, page setup, and how to print Excel worksheets.

Excel Training in London and throughout the UK

Microsoft Excel Courses
We offer a range of training courses on Microsoft Excel, from Introduction through to Microsoft Excel VBA. Excel is just one of our regular scheduled training courses.

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Microsoft Excel Training Courses in London


Scheduled Course Dates

Module 1 – Overview of Excel 2010
Screen Layout
Overview of Ribbons
Understanding tabs, groups and commands
Using contextual tabs
Customize Ribbon
Add custom tabs and groups
Export a customized ribbon
Backstage View

Module 2 – Creating a Worksheet
Entering text, numbers and dates
Deleting data, Editing data
Selecting areas of a worksheet
Navigating around a worksheet
Inserting, deleting and moving worksheets
Saving Files as PDFs, Different Versions of Excel

Module 3–Formulas and Funtions
Creating Formulas
Editing Formulas
Using Functions (Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, Counta)
Paste function

Module 4 –Formatting Worksheets
Using fonts, colours, bold, italic & underline
Hovering in Excel for Help with formatting
Formatting numbers
Clearing cell formats
Format Painter
Text Alignment and Orientation
Wrapping Text
Merge Cells
Applying Borders and Shading
Inserting and deleting columns and rows
Resizing columns and rows
Hiding Columns and rows
Freeze Panes

Module 5 -Copy and Move
Cut, copy and paste text and data
Copying and moving Formulas
Using the Autofill option
Custom Lists
Office Clipboard
Smart Tags

Module 6 – Printing
Preview and print worksheets
Using Quick Print
Print ranges
Print headers, footers and titles
Page Orientation
Printing a selection
Shrink to Fit
Adjusting page breaks
Repeating Columns and Rows
Printing Gridlines

Module 7 – Charts
Creating a basic chart
Overview of different chart types
Editing and formatting the chart
Changing the chart type
Adding labels
Working with x and y axes
Working with the legend
Working with chart titles

Follow on courses:

Tailored Excel Training, details available on request.

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