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Excel 2010 Training

Delegates learn how to create, edit and enhance Excel 2010 charts, and use financial and logical functions. Learners will also gain hands-on experience using linking, consolidation of worksheets, and databases.

Microsoft 2010 Training

Microsoft Excel 2010 Courses

We offer a range of training courses on Microsoft Excel 2010, from Introduction through to Microsoft Excel VBA. Excel is one of our regular scheduled training courses which are held at our city of London training centre.


Please contact us for dates

Module 1 - Review of Basics

Module 2 - File Linking
Creating links to other workbooks & worksheets
Updating links to other workbooks
Changing link paths

Module 3 - File Consolidation and 3D Worksheets
File consolidation
Selecting more than one worksheet
Formatting and data entry in 3D worksheets
Creating 3D formulas
Copying 3D formulas
Compare and merge Workbooks

Module 4 - Pivot Tables
Creating Pivot tables
Changing the Pivot table layout
Producing reports
Manipulating query headings
Grouping and ungrouping data fields
Using Slicers

Module 5 - Absolute Cell Referencing
Distinguishing between absolute and partial cell addressing
Using absolute and partial cell addressing
Referencing in formulas

Module 6 - Advanced Formatting
Add background images to worksheets
Comments: adding, amending, deleting, printing

Module 7 - Conditional Formatting
Compare cells against one another
Format cells that match values or conditions
Manage conditional formatting rules
Using Sparklines

Module 8 - Passwording & Security in Excel
Use passwords to help secure a workbook
Creating passwords
Password protect ranges within worksheets
Allow users to edit ranges
Watch window

Module 9 – Excel Data Management Tools
Building tables
Creating a table
Add a total row
Apply styles to a table
Removing Duplicates

Use multiple levels of sort
Remove extra spaces that prevent matching and sorting

Filtering Data
Set up filtering to see a subset of data
Create selection criteria for filtering
Use Advanced Filter to overcome limitations of standard filtering

Other Data Tools
Use text to columns
Remove duplicates to eliminate redundant records

Database Analysis Tools
Using SUMIF and COUNTIF for quick data analysis

Module 10 - Working with Dates
Creating date series,
Calculations with dates
Date Functions

Module 11 - Working with Shapes and Pictures
Adding Shapes, Inserting Pictures
Using Screenshot Tool

Module 12 – Customising Excel
Customise the list of recently used files
Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
Customise the Popular Settings
Creating customised lists
Using customised lists

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