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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Collaboration for End Users - Duration 1 Day

Objectives: In this one day course you will collaborate with team members and share information with them using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. You will create, edit, and find your way around SharePoint sites as a central place to store and share information with team members. The course will also show you how to use blogs and wikis to share your knowledge.

Target Audience: Anyone in the organisation who will be involved in projects and collaborating with other team members

Pre-Requisites: This course is aimed at delegates that have had no previous exposure to SharePoint 2013. Familiarity with the Office 2013 interface and navigational tools is highly recommended.

Duration: 1 Day

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Module 1: Understanding SharePoint 2013
Overview of SharePoint 2013
Get Started Using SharePoint 2013
Search for Content
Use Alerts
Welcome User Links
Personalise SharePoint 2013 Page

Module 2: Finding Content
SharePoint provides the ability to store vast amounts of content in a variety of locations. This module covers a set of tools which help efficiently locate relevant information.
Search and Search Index
Advanced Search
People Search

Module 3: List Basics
Lists serve as the structure for calendars, discussion boards, contacts, and tasks in SharePoint 2013. This module explains the concept of lists, and reviews popular out-of-the-box options. Students learn effective ways to use and contribute to lists. Demonstrations of filters and views highlight usability and efficiency.
How to Add and Modify Content
Overview of Default Lists and List Templates
Add, Modify & Delete Content in SP 2013 Lists
Sort and Filter Content
Advanced List Features
Use Default and Custom Views Connect a List to Microsoft Outlook

Module 4 - SharePoint Libraries
A document library is a location on a site where you can create, collect, update and share files with
others. Explanation of the benefits of using a library teaches you how to work with documents in a library.
Introduction to document libraries
Uploading, creating and deleting documents
Working with folders and document sets
Configuring Document Sets
Creating Rules
Working with documents in a library
Working with document properties
Document Management Features
Using document workflows

Module 5 – Office 2013 Integration
To take advantage of many features which SharePoint 2013 has, you need to understand SharePoint's relationship with other MS applications. This module provides an essential overview of the MS products which are most commonly used in conjunction with SharePoint 2013 and discusses at an overview level the advantages of each program when combined with SharePoint.

Module 6 - Working with Web Parts
Adding Web parts
Modifying Web Part Settings
Deleting/Closing Web Parts
Using the Summary Links Web Part

Module 7: Social Features
As with earlier versions of SharePoint, each user has a profile and a personal site (or “My Site”). SharePoint Server 2013 is now been reorganised into three distinct hubs: Newsfeed, SkyDrive, and Sites. These hubs are available in a global navigation bar, and thus the social features associated with My Sites are fully integrated into the SharePoint experience.

Module 8 - Introduction to Social Features
My Sites
The News Feed
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