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Google Analytics

This half day workshop introduces marketing and web professionals and business managers to the free Google Analytics service. This course will give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of web analytics and how to use Google Analytics to improve the performance of your website.
Who should attend: Anyone who is responsible for the marketing of your business, and actively using the Internet as part of your marketing strategy.
Google Analytics Training

Module 1 - Overview of Google Analytics

  • Which statistics are most important to your business, and what the numbers mean, good or bad, for your website

Module 2 – Working with relevant Statistics

  • How to find the most valuable statistics, without wasting your time trawling through all the options
  • How to configure your Analytics to suit your business needs

Module 3 – Related Site Improvement

  • How to improve the navigation, content and design of your site based on the measurable behaviour of your visitors

Module 4 – Interpretation and Tracking

  • How to track the key measures of success for your business
  • How to interpret traffic source analysis, and lead generation metrics
  • How to set up powerful Goals and Funnels analysis
  • Event tracking for Flash and Video
  • How to use Analytics with Ecommerce sites
  • How to use Analytics to optimise your SEO and PPC activities and budgets

Module 5 – Analytics Plans

  • How to produce an Analytics plan that is most important to your business

Module 6 – New Analytics features

  • Google have recently announced a number of new features for Analytics, and these will be incorporated in the training course.
  • Intelligence button
  • Custom Alerts
  • Advanced Filters
  • Unique Visitors
  • Extra Mobile tracking features
  • Share Custom Reports and Advanced Segments

Next scheduled date:

21st June 2011

Cost £200 plus VAT

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