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Visio 2003 VBA Training

This course is designed to automate the creation and maintenance of diagrams. This course will benefit:
Power Users who wan tto harness some of the many features of automating Visio. In addition, the course is ideal for .NET programmers who want to understand the application in order to enhance performance

Visio Training in London & UK
Microsoft Visio scheduled and in-house training courses offered at our City of London Training Centre and throughout the UK.
Microsoft Visio Training



Module 1 - Using Visio VBA

Using VBA
Creating a project
OLE Automation Basics
Overview of the Visio Object Model
Overview of Objects, Properties, Methods and events
When and How to Run your Program
Running VBA code from Visio
Using the Macro Recorder

Module 2 - Working with Shapes
Placing a shape onto the drawing page
Getting information about the shape
Adding text to a shape and changing its attributes
Adding and removing shapes
Performing operations on a shape
Working with formulas and cells from a shape’s shapesheet
Adding and deleting sections and rows from shapesheets

Module 3 - Automating connections
Connecting shapes together
Determining which glue to use

Module 4 - Properties and Formulas
Connecting Shapes
Adding Data to Shapes
Printing and Saving Documents
Quitting Visio


Module 5 - Getting Data from Drawings
Types of Visio Data

Module 6 - Iterating through a Collection
Getting Information from Documents, Pages,
Shapes and Shapesheets
Working with Windows and Selected Shapes
Getting Information about Connections
Generating and using Unique Ids

Module 7 - Visio events
Overview of events
Creating events from This Document
ActiveX controls
Adding ActiveX controls
Handling control events
Working with controls at runtime

Module 8 - Links to databases (using Access)
Identifying a database
Creating and Opening recordsets from Visio
Manipulating recordsets from Visio
Transferring data to and from a Visio shape/drawing

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