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Benefits of this course are:

This two day Visio for IT Professionals training course will show you how to produce and keep up to date multiple Visio diagrams of IT infrastructure. See how Visio short cuts and automation can reduce the time and improve the accuracy of diagrams. The course will show you how to automate data centres, racks, cabling, networks, servers and software diagrams. Through working examples, you will see how to link Visio to spreadsheets and databases to minimise errors and the numbers of diagrams required for IT systems documentation.

Delegates who will benefit from this course are:

  • Anyone involved in creating, maintaining or working with infrastructure diagrams covering IT systems.
  • Projects and operations teams who rely on systems documentation for decisions and communication.
  • Managers who want consistent and coordinated diagrams of IT system complexity.
  • IT specialists who look to integrate Visio diagramming with data in Excel or databases.

Visio for IT Professionals - 2 Days

Next Scheduled Training Course Date
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Module 1 – Visio Versions and Comparisions
What Version of Visio do you have?
Standard vs Professional. 2003 vx 2007 vs 2010

Module 2 – Revision of Basics within Visio
Quick review of manipulating shapes on a page
Aligning and Distributing shapes efficiently
Zooming efficiently, Protecting Shapes
Using Static and dynamic glue
Addiing, Deleting, Moving Connector Points

Module 3 – Working with Visio Pages
Adding Pages, Naming, Ordering & Deleting Pages
Background Pages, Creating and Applying

Module 4 – Working with Text in Visio
Working, Manoeuvring Text in Shapes
Working with the Text Block Tool
Ensuring the same text formatting is used in different shapes

Module 5 – Integrating Visio
Taking Drawings into other MS Applications
Saving Drawing to View on the Web

Module 6 – Stencils & Templates
Take a look & use useful IT stencils
Customising a stencil and adding new shapes
Save and distribute customised stencils
Creating & customising templates
Sizing shapes

Module 7 – Behaviours
Creating and working with Drill Downs
Creating hyperlinks

Module 8– Creating IT Diagrams in Visio
Layout, organising and information display
Choosing the right shapes

Module 9– Custom Properties and Shape data
Adding, changing and deleting data fields
Linking to Excel and databases

Module 10– Data Graphics
Creating and using data graphics
Customising and copying between files

Module 11– Advanced Stencils and Templates
Creating layers and using layers
Using images in stencils

Module 12– Shape Reporting
Producing reports
Using Excel

Module 13–Visio Integration
Automating diagram creation and update
Team based working
Extending Visio by programming

Next Scheduled Dates:

19th-20th April in Cirencester
18th-19th May in London


Visio for IT Professionals

Microsoft Gold Partner

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London EC2A 4QP
t: +44(0)20 7729 1811
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LABS for day one - Diagramming IT Systems
Data Centre diagrams
Floor and rack diagrams
Cabling diagrams
LAN / SAN / WAN Networks
LABS for day two - Diagramming IT Systems
Building on Data Centre diagrams
Further work with Floor and Rack diagrams
Servers and Hosts
Software and system architecture