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Visio Training for Flowcharting

This course will focus on the practical application of Business Process Mapping with Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Visio is a powerful tool with extremely powerful functionality that enables a vast range of diagrams to be produced with minimal effort. Across the world Visio is used to produce process maps and flowchart diagrams. This insightful course will enable you to document, understand and improve your organisation’s business processes in a diagramatic format. You will leave the course with the knowledge and confidence to draw business process mapping diagrams in your organisation.

Visio Flowcharts Training Course Content - duration 1 day
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Module 1 – Overview of Visio
  • The screen layout
  • Stencils and drawings
  • Using stencils to create drawing
  • Working with multiple stencils
  • Saving, closing and opening files

Module 2 – Working with Shapes

  • Working with handles
  • Selecting objects, Working with objects
  • Attributes, aligning, distributing, rotating, Flipping, Grouping, Shape order

Module 3 – Working with Text

  • Text in shapes, Creating Free standing text
  • Text enhancements (Alignment, point size, colour)
  • Working with text independently from objects

Module4 – Connecting Shapes

  • The Different Connectors available
  • Drawing connectors
  • Using dynamic glue
  • Working with connector points

Module 5 – Visio Pages

  • The page views
  • Adding, Deleting, Renaming pages
  • Background pages
  • Page Orientation (portrait, landscape)
  • Printing drawings

Module 6 – Creating Flow Charts with Visio

  • Basic principles of Flow charting
  • Why draw a Flow chart?
  • Use of Flowcharts
  • Process Mapping Symbols – an overview
  • A Flowcharting example

Module 7 – Different Styles of Flow Charts

  • Different type of Flowcharts
  • Drawing a basic process map diagram
  • Drawing a Functional Flowchart
  • Casue and Effect diagrams
  • Data Flow diagrams
  • Tips for Creating Flow Charts
  • An overview of Process Mapping

Module 8 – Using Drill Downs for Process Mapping

Module 9 – Custom Properties with Visio

  • What are Custom Properties
  • How do they help with Process Mapping?
  • Creating and editing Custom Properties
  • Building Reports from Custom Properties
  • Showing Custom Properties on an Internet/Intranet site

Module 10 – Integrating Visio

  • Taking Flow Charts into Word to integrate within other applications
  • Using Hyperlinks to link process diagrams to other documents / websites

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