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On completion of the course students will be able to use the basic features of SharePoint Designer 2007 to include creating/editing basic web pages, use hyperlinks, work with graphics, tables and create a navigation structure.
People who will benefit from the SharePoint Designer course: People developing web sites and require revision of Intranet concepts and terminology.


Premier Training
Premier Training

Module 1 - The Browsers
Review of Browsers, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, “Setting the Options”
How the Options affect the views of HTML / Web Pages

Module 2 - Understanding the NET
The differences between Intranet, Internet and Xtranet
Review of graphics on the web, colour palettes and file size / formats

Module 3 - SharePoint Designer 2007 Explorer
Understanding the Personal Web Server
Creating a website on the Personal Web Server
Importing Images and Files into the website
Creating and renaming folders within the website

Module 4 - SharePoint Designer 2007 Editor
Using SharePoint Designer 2007 editor to create HTML pages
Page backgrounds, and watermarks
Default colour settings
Linking page backgrounds to other HTML pages
Working with HTML font size
Using fonts face on an HTML page
Paragraph control
Creating and modifying HTML Tables
Working with Table and Cell Properties
Inserting, Sizing Images
Applying Image Flags
Working with Includes

Module 5 - Hyperlinks
Creating Bookmarks
Understanding URL’s, creating Hyperlinks to HTML pages, HTML pages in other Web Sites.
Creating Hyperlinks to other File Types.

Creating and modifying Hot Spots
Navigating through a Hyperlink
Removing a Hyperlink
Verifying hyperlinks to HTML pages and graphics
Troubleshooting hyperlinks

Module 6 - The Home Page and Frames
Concepts of the Home Page (index.htm)
Creating frames
Working with top level and parent Level frames

Module 7 - Active Elements
Search forms
Hover buttons

Module 8 - Feedback Forms
Creating feedback forms
Filtering feedback forms with Excel or Access

Module 9 - Additional (Time Permitting)
Good Web Page design and strategies
Browser considerations
Image Composer and Animator
or PaintShop Pro and Animator
Copy and Paste from other applications and the implications

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