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Objectives: Throughout this two day workshop you will gain experience developing a SharePoint governance policy that will fit with your organisation. There are lots of practical exercises during this event including:

  • Developing an appropriate governance plan.
  • Deploying a SharePoint governance site.
  • Establishing team roles, responsibilities and tasks.
  • Determining standard operating procedures.
  • Creating application usage policies.
  • Writing a stakeholder communication and training plan.

Governance is concerned with the people, processes and policies that guide the growth and use of SharePoint technologies within your company/organisation. This workshop will ensure you maximise return on your investment by controlling the use, management and growth of SharePoint in your organisation, and managing change within your SharePoint environment. It is critical to implement a process that aligns business objectives with site implementation. A governance plan establishes the balance between proper control mechanisms and the innovative use of SharePoint collaboration.

Target Audience: SharePoint users and site managers, including project managers, business analysts, and those responsible for the implementation of SharePoint technologies.

Duration: 2 Days

Module 1 - Defining Governance

  • Establishing policies, roles, responsibilities and processes
  • Guiding the application of SharePoint technologies
  • Differentiating corporate, IT and SharePoint models
  • Module 2 - Designing a SharePoint governance plan
  • Identifying key areas of a Governance plan
  • Developing the plan in stages
  • Exploring the lifecycle for effective plans

Module 3 - Establish project goals

  • Defining deliverables
  • Selecting a team

Module 4 - SharePoint fundamentals

  • Reviewing basic SharePoint elements
  • Building sites for SharePoint governance

Module 5 - Examining case studies

  • Correlating corporate size to the appropriate governance plan

Module 6 - Establishing a Governance Hierarchy & Model

  • Employing SharePoint in the corporate environment
  • Designing portal and site hierarchy to satisfy business objectives
  • Structuring a corporate taxonomy
  • Addressing scalability
  • Measuring the impact of scalability on your plan
  • Ensuring your plan complements the corporate footprint

Module 7 – Determining Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establishing a SharePoint governance body
  • Defining the types of teams
  • Developing a team charter
  • Differentiating strategic vs tactical team objectives
  • Establishing individual roles
  • Highlighting IT, SharePoint and business roles
  • Assigning responsibilities and tasks

Module 8 - Adopting Operations & Application Usage Policies

  • Reviewing operations
  • Formulating operational policies
  • Defining routine tasks
  • Preparing standard operating procedures documentation
  • Setting application usage policies
  • Establishing site provisioning standards
  • Applying change management to ensure plan continuity
  • Addressing regional issues
  • Integrating multi-tiered support
  • Identifying the need for a multilevel support network
  • Classifying support levels and functions
  • Incorporating SharePoint into your IT support infrastructure

Module 9 - Planning for Communications & Training

  • Communicating for success
  • Selling the benefits of a governance plan
  • Building a stakeholder-focused communication plan
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Selecting your communication medium
  • Leveraging SharePoint collaboration tools for message delivery
  • Training the organisation
  • Identifying different training requirements
  • Selecting from various training methods
  • Developing a comprehensive training plan

Module 10 – Ensuring Governance

  • Applying a change control mechanism
  • Employing a change management process
  • Identifying the need for a change request site
  • Building the change request site to facilitate the approval process
  • Scheduling governance reviews
  • Assigning plan ownership to the governance
  • Automating governance plan maintenance
  • Incorporating lessons learned

Module 11 - Tools for Success

  • Applying best practices
  • Ensuring continuity with checklists and templates
  • Discovering key resources to use within your organisation

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