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Objectives: This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to administer and maintain Microsoft Project Server 2007 at the pilot, departmental, and enterprise levels and troubleshoot problems that occur in Project Server 2007. The course assumes that the student has already had 2003 training and experience. The course covers Project Server 2007 but has minimum content on WSS 3.0. A separate course is available for maintaining and administering this product.

Who should attend: Delegates should be familiar with MS Project 2007 and with Project Professional, with the overall responsibility of maintaining or administering the Microsoft EPM 2007 solution. Also people who are responsible for working with the stakeholders to define and implement the enterprise standards.


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Module 1: Overview Project Server 2007
Introduction to Project Server 2007 – Core Components.
Architecture overview.
Project Server data flows.
Collaboration Features.
Resource planning features/
Resource Breakdown Structure.
Creating custom fields.

Module 2: Features of Project Server 2007
Project Workspaces.
Enterprise settings.
Customisation Options.
EPM features.
Timesheet options.
MS Office integration.
Resource Optimisation options and customization.
Security Features and Permissions.
Overview of the Project Server Queue. System.

Module 3: Project Server 2007: Project Data and Resource Data
Review of Project data considerations.

Module 4: Security
Overview of Security in Project Server 2007.
Security Templates.
Field Access Control.
Category Permissions.
Global Permissions.
Changes in Permissions from 2003 to 2007.
Template Permissions.
Default Permissions.
Project Server and WSS security.

Module 5: Planning for Growth
Monitoring Role-Based Performance.
Creating Growth Plans for Project Server 2007.
Growth Configuration Options.
Scaling up.

Module 6: Administration and Configuring

Customisation Options:
Customizing Task and Timesheet Tracking. Settings.
Customizing Gantt Chart Formats.
Customizing Grouping Formats.
Customizing the Home Page Format.
Configuring Notifications and Reminders.
Customising Views.
Configuring SharePoint for Project Server 2007.
Managing SharePoint services in Project Server 2007.
Connecting to SharePoint from Project Server 2007.
Administrating Queues.

Module 7: Project Server 2007: Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Project Server.
Testing Project Server 2007.
Match Project Server 2007 test plans to their functions.
Measuring Project Server 2007 performance.
Recognize how to measure Project Server 2007 performance.
Monitoring Project Server 2007 performance.
Establish a Project Server 2007 test plan and performance metrics in a given scenario.
Review of Troubleshooting tools for Project Server 2007.
Explore the SMS Site Architecture.
Deploy SMS clients.

Module 8: Disaster Recovery (DR)
This module reviews the Disaster Recovery scenarios, establishes criteria for assessing the situation and recommending solutions.
DR Overview.
Fault Tolerance Strategies.
Assessing Recoverability.
View Backup and Restore Tool.
Recovering SQL Server and Project Server 2007 services.
Managing Project Server 2007 migration and recovery.
Import a project to Project Server 2007 and recover all Project Server 2007 services.
Project Server 2007 disaster recovery.
Recognize how to back up and set recovery for a Project Server 2007 deployment in the event of a failure.

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