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Excel Dashboard Training - Course Duration - 2 Days

The capability exists within Microsoft Excel to construct sophisticated dashboards that integrate seamlessly with data based in Microsoft Excel or in other external data sources. Using a combination of the Excel worksheet, drawing shapes, pictures, ActiveX controls, cells and charts, sophisticated dashboards can be constructed in minimal time providing a cost effective way of a business to view its important data. Many companies are turning to constructing dashboards in Excel due to the lower cost, lower development time and because of Excel's exceptional abilities.

Who should attend? People with little or no experience of creating Excel Dashboards. Understanding and using Excel on a regular basis is essential. Ideally delegates have attended an Advanced Excel course or have the equivalent experience


Module 1 – Visualisation Best Practices

  • Overview of Excel Dashboards and what can be done
  • Designing Dashboards – the considerations
  • Tips for Building Excel Dashboards

Module 2 – Excel Charting Charting Principles and Advice

  • Overview of different chart types
  • Editing and formatting your charts

Module 3 – Advanced Charting

  • Creating and customizing Charts
  • Using specialist charts for your Excel Dahsboards
  • How to select the Right Charts for your Data

Module 4 – Excel Pivot Tables

  • Creating Pivot tables
  • Changing the Pivot table layout
  • Formatting
  • Producing reports
  • Manipulating query headings
  • Grouping and ungrouping data fields

Module 5 – Creating your Excel Dashboards

  • Dashboard Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Data Layout Creating Dynamic Dashboards
  • Merging and Consolidating Data Using Shapes to make Charts more attractive
  • Using Alerts to draw attention to dashboards


Module 6 – More Dashboarding

  • Creating KPI Dashboards
  • Project Management
  • Dashboards Publishing Excel Dashboards to the Web

Module 7 – Working with your Data

  • Understanding Data Quality issues
  • Gathering data from different sources
  • Linking Data
  • Merging and Consolidating Data
  • Excel Hints and Tips when working with data

Module 8 – Analysing Data

  • Using the dashboards with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Using external data sources such as The Web
  • Dashboarding with Microsoft Access information

Module 9 – Workshop

  • This last session will be used to build some relevant Dashboards. Delegates are encouraged to bring examples of the dashboarding they would like to create during the training.
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