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Communicating information, ideas and knowledge effectively is key to the success of any organisation. These days emails, letters and reports are the basis for many formal decisions. The difference between a mediocre and an excellent report can be the difference between success and failure. The skills of planning, structuring, editing and thinking about your audience are essential when communicating in writing.


Essential planning and preparation

  • Defining and understanding the purpose and objectives
  • the barriers to communication for the writer and reader
  • What is the organisations own style

Effective writing style

  • Use of email for good communication
  • Writing difficult letters
  • Increasing readability using plain English
  • Quick guide to punctuation, spelling and grammar
  • Using report layout and format to enhance understanding

Creating the structure

  • Recognising the needs of the reader
  • Organising information in a logical way to create ‘flow’
  • Incorporating diagrams, statistics and tables

Putting it into practise

  • Creating a convincing structure
  • Writing using the appropriate techniques
  • Receiving constructive feedback

Course Features

A sample of reports, letters or emails will be brought to the session to review and apply learning and feedback. These are then analysed and individual feedback is given on layout, structure and writing style.

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