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Time Managment Workshop

Business Scenario:
We all have our own methods and processes for trying to get the most out of our day. This half day course will look at a range of tools and techniques to help manage your time more effectively.

Who should attend? Anyone working in a team environment who needs an introduction to the basic principles and practices of effective time managment.
Time Management Training Courses


The programme includes:

  • Defining time management
  • Creating a personal time management system that will work for you
  • The principal of ‘Time Robbers’ that counter effective performance
  • Identifying the principal tasks that comprise one’s workload
  • How to distinguish between ‘Urgent’ and ‘Important’ tasks
  • A brief overview of assertiveness and learning to say ‘no’
  • Useful tools and techniques and tips to help prioritise tasks

The approach:
Through group exercises, informal discussions and action planning, delegates identify – and commit to - the key behaviours that will achieve improved workplace effectiveness.

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