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Decision Making Workshop

Business Scenario:
We all make decisions. Some are straightforward whilst others can be very difficult and very significant. Our employers rely on us to make sound decisions as the ramifications of making a poor decision can result in our company losing money. But how can we make sure that do we make the right decisions? It is impossible for us to get it right all of the time - that is human nature. There is however, a range of decision making processes and tools that we can use.

Who should attend?
If you are keen to become more effective at making decisions, want to learn techniques that will give you confidence in the decisions you make or are simply looking to refresh your skills then this half day workshop is right for you.

Decision Making Workshop - Duration Half Day

The programme includes:

  • Explore the different decision making approaches
  • Establish a Systematic Approach to Decision Making
  • Look at what influences our decision making
  • Some useful techniques and tips to help you be more effective and positive about your decision making
  • Communicate your decision, and take action.

The approach:
Through group exercises, informal discussions and action planning, delegates identify – and commit to - the key behaviours that will achieve improved workplace effectiveness.

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