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Premier Training offer Dreamweaver training courses at all levels. Dreamweaver is one of many scheduled training courses carried out at our City of London training centre. We also offer in-house training throughout the UK. See our Scheduled Course List.


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Introducing Dreamweaver
• Static page architecture

Dreamweaver essentials
• Introduction to Dreamweaver
• Dreamweaver interface basics
• The Application toolbar
• Creating a local site
• Creating a new HTML page
• Using development views
• Previewing pages
• Setting document properties
• Using the Property Inspector

Adding content to a site
• Adding content
• Importing text files
• Importing Word and Excel content
• Controlling document structure
• Creating lists
• Horizontal rules
• Adding special characters

Formatting text with CSS
• Formatting text
• Cascading Style Sheets
• Creating styles
• Exporting CSS rule definitions
• Creating class styles
• Understanding the Code Navigator

External styles
• Attaching external style sheets
• Creating new external style sheets
• Displaying styles
• Cascading order and inheritance of styles
• Creating internal styles

Working with graphics
• Seamless integration with Photoshop and Fireworks
• Placing graphics on the page
• Accessibility settings
• Importing layered images
• Optimising an image
• Adding Flash content

Navigating your site
• Linking files to your site
• Adding anchors
• Adding email links
• Linking from images
• Linking from an image map
• Creating a navigation bar
• Inserting a jump menu

Using libraries and templates
• Creating library items
• Placing and editing library items
• Detaching library items
• Creating templates
• Applying a template to an existing image
• Defining editable regions
• Modifying templates

Designing pages with CSS
• Dreamweaver CSS templates
• Inserting DIV tags
• Using the rulers and guides
• Drawing layers to design your pages
• Adding CSS to a layer
• Editing CSS through the Property Inspector
• Using visual aids for DIV tags
• Attaching external style sheets
• Adding tables
• The Spry Framework for Ajax - an overview
• Importing tabular data
• The Adobe CSS Advisor website

Creating forms
• Creating a form
• Form processing
• Setting focus on a form
• Adding JavaScript
• Form validation in Dreamweaver

Testing, maintenance and uploading
• Checking accessibility, links and browser compatibility
• Using the integrated File Browser
• Connecting to a remote site
• Cloaking folders and files
• Uploading files
• Synchronising files
• Using browser compatibility check

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