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Completing projects successfully requires good communication between all team members. A Microsoft Enterprise Project Management solution provides a framework for electronically creating and managing projects within an organisation. In this Microsoft Project Web Access course, you will use Microsoft Project Web Access 2003 to view and access project information located on the server, as well as to report progress on assigned project tasks.

Premier Training
Premier Training

Microsoft Project Web Access Training Course Content - Duration 1 Day

Module 1 – Using Project Web Access
  • Access Project Server
  • Change Email Notification Settings

Module 2 – Viewing Tasks in the Tasks Page

  • View Tasks Page Information
  • Change Task Order
  • Search for Task Information in a View
  • Change Tasks Displayed
  • Set View Options
  • Print Task Information
  • Work Offline

Module 3 – Updating Task Assignments

  • Update Progress on Task Assignments
  • Attach Notes to Task Assignments
  • Reject an Existing Task Assignment
  • Delegate a Task
  • Create a New Task
  • Assign Yourself to an Existing Task
  • Notify Your Manager of a Change in Availability

Module 4 – Using To-do Lists

  • Create a To-do List
  • Modify a To-do List Item
  • Set To-do List Options

Module 5 – Submitting Status Reports

  • Submit a Requested Status Report
  • Submit an Unrequested Status Report

Module 6 – Managing Risks, Issues, and Documents

  • Work with Risks
  • Work with Issues
  • Work with Documents
  • Filter Risks, Issues, and Documents

Module 7 – Viewing Project Status Within the Enterprise

  • Work in the Project Center
  • Work in the Resource Center
  • Create a Custom Link

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