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This is an introductory course for new users of InDesign. If you are an experienced QuarkXPress user migrating to Adobe InDesign, we offer a two day InDesign migration course designed specifically for your requirements


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The InDesign interface

  • Creating a new document
  • Creating and using frames
  • Selecting frames and content
  • Introducing layers

Working with text

  • Placing text
  • Selecting and editing text
  • Handling missing fonts
  • Working with glyphs
  • Drag and drop text

Formatting characters in InDesign

  • Character-level formatting
  • Choosing a composer
  • Hyphenation and justification
  • Using the Eyedropper tool
  • Creating drop caps

Working with styles in InDesign

  • Character and paragraph styles
  • Creating styles
  • Editing and applying styles
  • Introducing nested styles
  • Removing style formatting
  • Organising styles using Style Groups

Importing graphics

  • Different file formats
  • Placing graphics
  • Placing multiple graphics
  • Manipulating graphics
  • Understanding fitting options
  • PSD and PDF layer options

Combining text and graphics

  • Wrapping text around graphics
  • Introducing snippets

Understanding colour

  • Spot and process colours
  • Loading swatches
  • Working with swatches
  • Using stroke and fill options
  • Creating tints
  • Sampling colours from images

Laying out pages accurately

  • Using rulers, grids and guides
  • Using the Info panel
  • Creating grids
  • Working with layers

Questions and answers


Multi-page documents

  • Using the Pages panel
  • Targeting pages and spreads

Editing copy

  • Using the Story Editor
  • Using Find/Change
  • Using the Spell Checker

Introducing transparency

  • Creating drop shadows
  • Feathering edges
  • The Flattener Preview panels

Transforming objects

  • Scaling objects vs contents
  • Transforming objects
  • Grouping and ungrouping

Finessing text content

  • Threading/unthreading frames
  • Flowing text through frames
  • Multi-column text frames
  • Setting text frame options
  • Document baseline grids
  • Redefining styles
  • Hanging punctuation
  • Using special characters
  • Viewing composition options

Working with Master Pages in InDesign

  • Master Page guidelines
  • Creating and editing Masters
  • Applying Master Pages
  • Auto-numbering pages
  • Basing one Master on another
  • Overriding Master objects
  • Reapplying Master objects

Combining text and graphics

  • Image import options
  • Images with clipping paths
  • Creating a new clipping path
  • Removing image backgrounds
  • Editing clipping paths
  • Tolerance and threshold options
  • Advanced text wrap options

Exporting and printing in InDesign

  • Exporting as a PDF
  • Performing a pre-flight check
  • Packaging files for handoff

Questions and answers

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