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Welcome to Illustrator
• About vectors and bitmaps

Getting started in Illustrator
• Opening illustrations
• Using templates
• Creating new illustrations
• Using document profiles
• Exploring panels and workspaces
• Navigating your illustrations

Artwork components
• Outline vs Preview mode
• Rulers, guides and grids
• Intuitive Smart Guides
• Paths, point and handles
• Grouping objects
• Using layers
• Working in Group Isolation Mode

Creating basic shapes
• Creating primitive shapes
• Creating polygons, stars and
• Drawing lines, grids and arcs
• Snapping and aligning shapes

Working with colour
• Colour models
• Applying colour to objects
• Spot vs process colour
• Process and global process colours
• Managing swatches
• Creating colour groups
• Introduction to gradients
• Loading swatch libraries

Working with layers
• Creating layers
• Using layers effectively

Drawing in Illustrator
• Working with paths, points and
direction handles
• Drawing paths
• Tips for drawing curves
• Editing, manipulating and
modifying paths
• Adding and deleting anchor points
• Splitting cutting and erasing paths
• Using the Average and Join commands


Organising your artwork
• Introducing multiple artboards
• Editing the artboard size
• Using guides and smart guides
• Creating custom guides
• Positioning elements
• Aligning and distributing artwork

Painting in Illustrator
• Manipulating stroke options
• Creating dashed lines
• Creating variable width strokes
• Introducing blends
• Painting with the Paintbrush
• Using the Blob brush

Placing imported graphics
• Placing vs embedding images
• Creating template layers
• Photoshop import options

Using LiveTrace
• Automatically tracing artwork
• Adjusting LiveTrace results
• Converting LiveTrace objects

Using LivePaint
• Creating LivePaint groups
• Painting LivePaint objects
• Detecting gaps
• Modifying LivePaint groups

Transforming objects
• Using the Transform tools and
menu commands
• Using the Transform panel

Creating complex shapes
• Introducing the Shape Builder tool
• Creating compound shapes
• Expanding compound shapes

Working with type
• The type tools
• Using the Character and
Paragraph panel
• Creating outlines from text

Saving and exporting
• Saving Illustrator files
• Creating Adobe PDF files
• Exporting files from Illustrator

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