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Director Training Course

Director Fundamentals provides multimedia developers with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to build rich media sequences for both the web and CD-ROM. This two day course is a practical, hands-on course which covers working with animations, building interactivity, working with Shockwave, using the power of Lingo and utilising databases.

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Director basics

  • Creating a storyboard
  • The Cast, Score and Stage
  • Importing cast members
  • Working with sprites
  • Using inks to alter the relationship between sprites
  • Editing cast members
  • Using the Paint window
  • Internal and external casts

Using the score

  • How the score is structured
  • The control panel
  • Making the score easy to read
  • Adding markers


  • Basic animation techniques
  • Using the Timeline
  • Tweening techniques
  • Working with key frames
  • Previewing your animation
  • Reversing animations
  • Creating film loops

Transitions, sounds, video and Flash

  • Adding and editing transitions
  • Drag and drop behaviours
  • Using blends in the score
  • Using the sound channels
  • Using the vector drawing tools
  • Importing video
  • Controlling digital video
  • Importing Flash content

Adding interactivity

  • Using the Behaviours Inspector
  • Markers and navigation
  • Using Lingo scripts for navigation
  • Advanced navigation techniques
  • Navigating between Director movies
  • Using the Library palette
  • Drag and drop behaviours


  • Built-in button Behaviours
  • Custom cursors and buttons
  • Fonts and menus


Alpha channels and masks

  • Sprite properties and palettes
  • Importing 32 bit images
  • PSD vs PNG

Learning Lingo

  • Useful Lingo scripts
  • Adapting Lingo scripts
  • Different types of scripts
  • When to use different scripts
  • Handlers and Events
  • Navigating with Lingo
  • Controlling Sprites with Lingo
  • Controlling sound with Lingo

Synchronising with digital video

  • Cropping digital video
  • Optimising your movie
  • Using Cue Points in video
  • Controlling video with Lingo
  • Cross platform issues
  • Keyboard control

Working with DVD video

  • DVD support
  • DVD events manager

3D in Director

  • Importing W3D files
  • Overview of Director 3D
  • 3D sprite properties
  • Using 3D behaviours

Exporting from Director

  • Creating a Projector
  • Embedding fonts
  • File size issues
  • Using Xtras
  • The Shockwave format
  • Testing your movie
  • Creating an AutoRun file for CD-ROMs

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