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Microsoft Word 2013 Training Course

This course is designed for people who are already familiar with the basics of Word. The course shows how you can use paragraph styles and templates, use mail merge, create labels. You will also learn how to insert tables of contents, create master documents and lots more...Microsoft Word training courses carried out in our air conditioned central London training centre.

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Module 1 - Styles and Style Management
Using the predefined heading styles
Creating styles
Modifying styles
Linking Styles

Module 2 - Templates
Creating templates
Formatting templates
Automatic templates
Standard templates

Module 3 - Working with Long Documents
Footnotes and Endnotes

Module 4 -Table of Contents
Creating a Table of Contents
Captions & Table of Figures

Module 5 – Outline View
Using Outline View
Creating documents in Outline View
Document Map

Module 6 – Master Documents
Creating a Master Document
Using Sub documents
Page Numbering a Master Document
Creating a Table of Contents

Module 7 – Track Changes
Using Track Changes
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Saving Versions
Adding Comments

Module 8 - Use Forms
Create a form
Using Text, Checkboxes and Dropdown form fields
Locking a Form

Module 9 - Manage Files
Protect Documents
Add comments to the file properties

Module 10 – Hyperlinks
Inserting Hyperlinks

Module 11 - Use Macros
Record a macro
Where to store a macro
Run a macro
Edit a macro
Copy, rename, and delete macros
Creating custom buttons

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