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Introduction to Visio 2013

In this course, you’ll learn fundamental skills while creating several types of diagrams using Visio, including Organisation Charts and Flowchart diagrams. As you create these drawings, you will learn techniques to drag and manipulate Visio master shapes, create connections between shapes, and apply styles to shapes, text, and pages.

Module 1 – Overview of Visio

Loading up Visio and the screen layout of Visio 2013 including Ribbons and the Graphical Interface
Understanding the screen layout
A look into Stencils and using stencils to create drawings
Saving, closing and opening Visio Diagrams Sharing diagrams with other people (pdf files etc)

Module 2 – Working with Shapes

Working with selection handles on object
Selecting objects
Working with objects – Moving, deleting etc.
Filling, colour, shadows, lines, arrowheads
Attributes, aligning, distributing, rotating, Flipping objects
Grouping and ungrouping objects
Shape order (front and back)
Array Shapes
Working with the Size and Position box
Zooming in and out of the page quickly and efficiently

Module 3 – Working with Text

Adding text to shapes
Using the text tool for free standing text
Text enhancements Alignment, point size, colour
Working with Bullet points
Working with text independently from objects

Module 4 – Using the Freehand Drawing Tools

Creating new shapes
Protecting shapes
Shape behaviour

Module 5 – Connecting Shapes

The difference between dynamic & normal glue
Connecting with 1D shapes
Adding, deleting and moving connector points
Working with connector points

Module 6 – Visio Pages

The page views
Adding pages to diagrams
Deleting/Inserting and Moving pages
Background pages
Page Orientation (portrait, landscape)
Printing drawings

Module 7 – Using Visio to Create Charts

Creating Brainstorming diagrams
Creating Organisation charts
Creating basic flow charts
Using a cross functional flowchart
Using Project Timelines and Gantt Charts

Module 8 – Use Visio to link to other applications

Creating drill downs on a diagram using the drill down feature
Creating hyperlinks to other applications

Module 9 – Using Visio with other Applications

Taking drawings into Word & PowerPoint
Making web pages from Visio diagrams


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