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Advanced Visio 2013

If you already know the basics of Visio, maybe it is time to delve deeper? This one-day advanced course will show you how to create layers, link diagrams to data and create multi-page diagrams - and much more.
People who have attended the Introductory course and wish to use Visio to explore further functionality within the product.

Visio training courses in Londonvisio training courses in London

Module 1 – Recap and Quick Tips on Visio
Creating drawings
Quick tips for the following
Laying out of diagrams
Aligning and Distributing Shapes
Copying and Pasting Shapes
Zooming in and out of the Page

Module 2 – Working with Fields with Visio
Understanding fields within Visio
Using fields in Visio

Module 3 – Shape Operations
Using Shape Operations (Union, combine, intersect, fragment, Subtract and trim) to enhance shapes

Module 4 – Working with Stencils
Using and creating stencils efficiently
Creating a customised stencil – adding shapes to the stencil, adding graphics (logos etc) to the stencil
Saving a new stencil
Distributing the stencil

Module 5 – Templates
Creating Background Pages in Visio
Creating & customising templates
Using templates for new drawings

Module 6 – Working with Guides
Creating guides and guide points
Gluing shapes to guides
Distribute guides

Module 7– Layers
Understanding how layers work in Visio
Understanding Layers
Creating, Removing and Renaming Layers
Setting Layer Properties
Controlling Shape Placement
Setting a Drawing Scale
Working with Building Plan Layouts
Drawing with Precision
Using Perspective
Working with Area Measurements

Module 8 – Shape Data
Understanding custom properties
Adding Custom Properties to a drawing
Creating your own fields for Custom Properties
Producting Shape Reports
Using Excel for Reporting

Module 9 – Linking Data to Shapes
Connecting to a data source
Linking shapes to records
Updating data sources
Refreshing a diagram

Module 10 – Data Graphics
Applying data graphics to shapes
Creating new data graphics
Data graphic legends

Module 11– The Shapesheet
Viewing the shapesheet
Modifying shapesheet data
Using formulae in the shapesheet
Creating dynamic shapes

Module 12– Hyperlinking
Creating a hyperlink between a drawing and document

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