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Managing Projects using Project Server 2013 including Project Web Access - Duration 2 Days Project Server Training

Objectives: This is an in-depth, hands-on, instructor-led course which provides the Project Manager with the skills needed to create and manage enterprise projects using Microsoft Project Server 2013 while following a standard project lifecycle process. Each student will follow the instructor and complete hands-on exercises that are pre-loaded with Microsoft Project Professional 2013, and connected to a live Project Server 2013 training system.

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to learn Project Web Access.

Pre-Requisites: The minimum requirement for this course is significant hands-on experience with a recent version of MS Project, preferably 2010/13 version. If you have never used MS Project, you must attend the Introduction to MS Project. Prior knowledge of Project Management is helpful.

Duration: 2 Days

Module 1 – Introduction to Microsoft Project Server 2013

  • Review Project Server's main features and terminology
  • Review how Project Server facilitates the life of a project
  • Review how Project Server uses its databases
  • Review the project data and metadata model
  • Review how web/desktop interfaces are used.

Module 2 - Using the Project Web App (PWA) Interface

  • Open Project Web App (PWA) web site
  • Navigate through its interface, and use the main features of the interface.

Module 3 - Initiating Enterprise Projects with PWA

  • How Enterprise Project Types are used in Project Server
  • Initiate, save/close Basic Project Plans in PWA
  • Review Project Server's demand management features
  • How to initiate a Sample Proposal in PWA.

Module 4 – View & Analyse Enterprise Projects with PWA

  • Navigate and manipulate project data views in the PWA Project Center
  • Locate a project in the PWA Project Center and view its properties
  • Learn how to view and manipulate the detailed data views for a project in the PWA Project Center such as task views, resource views, and assignment views.

Module 5 - Project Editing and Task Planning with PWA

  • Open a project for editing in the PWA Project Center
  • Modify the properties of a project
  • Add and remove tasks and milestones, set up a Work Breakdown Structure, and set dependencies within a project schedule
  • How to save, publish, close, and check in a project schedule.

Module 6 - Resource / Assignment Planning with PWA

  • Select resources from the Project Server Enterprise Resource Pool & add them to a project team in PWA
  • Reserve resources for a project using a Resource Plan
  • Assign resources to tasks in a project schedule.

Module 7 - Viewing and Analyzing Enterprise Resources in PWA

  • Navigate and manipulate resource data views in the PWA Resource Center;
  • Locate a resource in the PWA Resource Center and view its properties
  • Select one or more resources and analyze their assignments, workloads, and availabilities.

Module 8 - Using the Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Interface

  • Navigate and manipulate the Microsoft Project Professional interface
  • How to view and manipulate task, resource, and assignment data in a project using Views, Tables, Filters, and Groups
  • How to configure the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon interface.

Module 9 - Using Project Pro with Project Server

  • Create a Project Server connection profile within Project Pro
  • Open / close enterprise project schedules from Project Server with Project Pro
  • Work with the local cache in Project Pro
  • How to take an enterprise project schedule offline for remote working with Project Pro.

Module 10 - Initiating Enterprise Projects

  • Create a new enterprise project schedule by starting with a blank project
  • Create a new enterprise project schedule by importing a project from a file
  • Create a new enterprise project schedule by using enterprise project schedule templates
  • Define the summary information for a project such as its start date, working calendar, project data fields and properties, and other options unique to the project.

Module 11 - Project Task Planning with Project Pro

  • Use manually-scheduled and auto-scheduled tasks in a project schedule
  • Add and remove tasks and milestones, set up a Work Breakdown Structure, and set up task dependencies
  • Apply scheduling constraints, deadlines, and calendars to tasks.

Module 12 - Resource and Assignment Planning

  • Review the types of enterprise resources in the Project Server Enterprise Resource Pool
  • Learn how to select resources from the Enterprise Resource Pool and add them to a project team in Project Pro
  • Review the variables that affect resource assignments in a project schedule
  • Assign work resources to tasks in a project schedule
  • Manage resource overallocations in a project schedule
  • Use cost resources to plan for fixed project costs.

Module 13 - Preparing for Project Execution with Project Pro

  • Identify and analyze the critical path in a project schedule
  • Review project baselining and learn how to save a baseline
  • Publish a project schedule with Project Pro and control task assignment publishing for individual tasks in the schedule.

Module 14 - Tracking Time and Task Progress with PWA

  • Review task status tracking and time tracking in Project Server
  • View and manipulate task and activity views on the PWA Tasks and Timesheet pages
  • Plan and track time against various project and non-project activities on the PWA Timesheet page
  • Track task progress on the PWA Tasks page.

Module 15 - Collaborating on Project Risks, Issues, and Documents

  • Review project site usage and learn how to visit and navigate within the Project Site for an enterprise project
  • View, track, and update project risks in a Project Site
  • View, upload, share, and update project documents in a Project Site.

Module 16 - Reviewing and Approving Task Updates with PWA

  • View and process submitted task status updates in the PWA Approval Center
  • View the task status updates history in the PWA Approval Center
  • Configure automatic task status acceptance rules
  • How to prevent further task status updates for tasks in a project.

Module 17 - Variance Analysis and Schedule Revision with Project Pro

  • Reschedule uncompleted work in a project schedule
  • Track actual fixed costs for a project with cost resources
  • Project variances and learn how to identify and analyze them with Project Pro
  • Apply a change control process with task formatting and notes
  • How to re-baseline a project schedule.

Module 18 - Managing Programs and Cross-Project Dependencies

  • Create a master project schedule, save it to Project Server, and view it in the PWA Project Center
  • Track cross-project dependencies by linking tasks in multiple project schedules
  • Track cross-project dependencies with Project Server Deliverables and Depenencies.

Module 19 - Working with PWA Status Reports

  • Request that project team members complete and submit a periodic Project Server Status Report
  • Respond to a Status Report request
  • View Status Report responses submitted by your project team members

Module 20 - Project Reporting with Project Pro

  • Display and hide the Timeline view in Project Pro
  • Add and remove tasks, milestones, and major phases in the Timeline view
  • Use the Excel-based and Visio-based Visual Reports in Project Pro
  • Customise a Visual Report and save a new Visual Report template for reuse.

Module 21 - Working with Business Intelligence

  • Review Excel reporting architecture in Project Server
  • Visit and navigate in the Project Server Business Intelligence Center
  • View Excel reports and dashboards in the Business Intelligence Center
  • Open and modify an Excel report with Microsoft Excel.

Module 22 - Managing and Configuring a Project Site

  • Modify the structure, behaviours, and appearance of the Risks and Issues lists in a Project Site
  • Modify the structure, behaviours, and appearance of the Project Documents library in a Project Site
  • Modify the information displayed on the home page of a Project Site.

Module 23 - Other Day-to-Day Administrative Functions

  • Change the ownership of an enterprise project
  • How to check in a project via the PWA Project Center
  • Manage personal e-mail notifications sent by Project Server
  • How to temporarily delegate your role to a co-worker.

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