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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training

This advanced Microsoft Outlook training will give delegates who have a working knowledge of the basic features within Microsoft Outlook to enhance their skills and learn about the more advanced features of Microsoft Outlook.



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Module 1 – Working with the Calendar
Moving around the calendar
Scheduled View
Scheduling appointments
Editing appointments
Moving appointments
Creating recurring appointments

Module 2 –Scheduling meetings
Inviting others to attend your meeting
Tracking attendee responses

Module 3 – Setting Calendar preferences
Setting normal working hours
Setting default appointment duration
Setting default reminder time

Module 4 - Organizing Outlook Items
Group Items
Create Search Folders

Module 5 – Setting access permission
Assign delegate access to your calendar
Accessing another calendar
Opening another calendar

Module 6 – Rules
Understanding rules
Creating a new rule
Deleting a rule, Rule priority
Quick Steps

Module 7 – Contacts
Creating a contact
Editing/deleting a contact
Viewing a contact
Forwarding a contact
Create a vCard from a Contact
Exporting Contacts
Creating distribution list in contacts
Filtering contacts
Using contacts to create a mail merge
Linking items to a contact

Module 8 – Working with Tasks
Creating Tasks
Completing Tasks
Setting reminders for Tasks
Assigning Tasks to others
Customising the Task view

Module 9 –Signatures
Creating a new signature
Editing a signature
Deleting a signature
Using multiple signatures

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