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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Enterprise Project Management

Objectives: In this SharePoint 2010 for Enterprise Project management training course, you will learn to exploit SharePoint Technologies to manage successful projects and build a SharePoint Project Management Information System. You will also learn to create & customise a SharePoint site for effective project collaboration. Finally, you will learn to generate on-demand project status reports and synchronise common project management tools with SharePoint .

Target Audience: Project managers & project teams who want to leverage SharePoint to manage projects more effectively.

Pre-Requisites: Project Management knowledge is help. Prior experience with SharePoint is helpful but not essential.

Duration: 2 Days

Day 1 – Building the EPM Solution in SharePoint
Module 1 – Overview

  • Overview of SharePoint features
  • Designing a SharePoint based Enterprise Project Management system
  • Understanding the limitations of a SharePoint system
  • Organisational considerations
  • Administering EPM solutions in SharePoint

Module 2 - Key Components

  • Generating issue, contact, calendar, project tracking and custom lists
  • Centralising documents in libraries
  • Supporting various document types: PDF, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets
  • Fostering Team Collaboration
  • Identifying project coordination challenges
  • Configuring permissions

Module 3 - Building Data Functionality in the System

  • Overview of Lists (Managing and Editing)
  • Linking in Lists, Programme Lists
  • New Project Proposal List, Business Case List, Project Lists, Task Lists, Time spent Lists, Risk Lists, Issue Lists
  • Generating issues, contact, calendar, project tracking and custom lists
  • Centralising documents in libraries
  • Standard Templates
  • Standard Document groups

Module 4 - Creating views

  • List Views and Gantt Chart View
  • Filtering information
  • Controlling access to Views
  • Configuring Alerts

Module 5 - Integrating MS Office

  • Document management
  • Importing and exporting information
  • Migrating plans from MS Project to SharePoint

Module 6 - Building Control functions

  • New Project Requests
  • Version Management, Task Completion
  • Enabling version control, content approval
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Allow communication via discussion boards
  • Utilising wikis for content management
  • Linking Microsoft Office to SharePoint through a document workspace
  • Tracking Projects with SharePoint
  • Monitoring the project schedule

Module 7 - Project Meetings

  • Creating meeting web space
  • Centralising meeting agendas, documents, action items, schedules and contacts
  • Creating a board reporting system

Day 2 Administering EPM and reporting
Module 1 – Managing Organisational Issues

  • Project management methodology
  • Creating standard templates
  • Defining organisational structure
  • Determining stakeholders/communication requirements
  • Building a SharePoint communication plan

Module 2 – Administration Tasks

  • System Configuration
  • Performing initial site administrative tasks
  • Security considerations - policies and procedures
  • Adding users and setting permissions
  • Defining policies. Site membership Definitions
  • Archiving Projects
  • Reporting

Module 3 - Determining Standards and Policies

  • Reporting task completion
  • Time Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Planned vs Actual performance
  • Risk and Issue Procedures
  • Change Control

Module 11 - Disseminating Project Reports

  • Informing project status to stakeholders
  • Filtering project information with custom views
  • Creating management dashboards with Web Parts

Module 12 - Reporting
Overview of the key reporting methods:

  • EPM Information requirements
  • Excel Services
  • Performance Point Services
  • Reporting Services
  • OLAP Reporting
  • Linking data in SharePoint
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • SharePoint Excel reports using Excel Services
  • Dashboards


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