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Planning for Project Server 2010 Workshop

  • Overview
  • Course Content

Objectives: This Microsoft Project-Server 2013 Planning Workshop is designed to create a roadmap for your organisation to migrate or install Project-Server 2013.

Duration: 2 Days

This Planning Workshop is typically two days long and is led by Andrew Binns, Senior Consultant who has real-world experience using Microsoft Project Server in his role as lead architect on complex enterprise application development engagements

Dates Available on Request

Module 1 – Introduction
Overview of the workshop
Overview of Project-Server 2010 in your environment
Document any existing errors or problems
Review Existing Team Projects

Module 2 – Designing your Infrastructure
Different approaches available

Module 3 – Reporting
Approaches to reporting
Core reports required
Creating a complex highlight report

Module 4 – Resource Management
How best to implement
Best practices with Project Server
Resource management tools

Module 5 – Cost Management
A review of budgets, cost capture, external costs
What costs can be captured out of the box
What additional costs could be captured + Revenues
Approaches to dealing with Multi currency

Module 6 - Project Sites
Designing Project Sites
Document Libraries
Out of the box lists
Other types of bespoke list

Module 7 - Timesheet Management
Approaches to timesheet management
Value in using out of the box timesheet system
Using my tasks as a bespoke timesheet system
Reporting on Timesheets

Module 8 – Other areas
Will you use Risks and Issues
Will you track project related documents
How will team members interact with the system

Module 9 - Security configuration Review of requirements/Implementation

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