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Project Server (PWA) 2010 for Team Members

Objectives: If you are implementing a deployment of Microsoft Project 2010 EPM, it is critical to instruct all team members how to use the new tools. Each student will create and manage projects in the Project Server 2010 environment and follow the same steps that they would follow if they were creating and managing live projects in a production system.

Target Audience: This course is aimed Project Server team members and will show you how to use the new tools. This one day course focuses on time entry and collaborative uses of Project Web Access.

Pre-Requisites: The minimum requirement for this course is some hands-on experience with a recent version of MS Project.

Duration: 1 Day

Module 1 – Introduction to Microsoft Project Server 2010

  • Introduction to Microsoft Project Server 2010
  • Review Project Server's main features and terminology
  • Review how Project Server facilitates the life of a project
  • Review how Project Server uses its four databases
  • Review the project data and metadata model
  • Review how the web and desktop interfaces are used.

Module 2 - Using the Project Web App (PWA) Interface

  • Open Project Web App (PWA) web site
  • Navigate through its interface, and use the main features of the interface.

Module 3 - Tracking Time and Task Progress with PWA

  • Review task status tracking and time tracking in Project Server
  • View and manipulate task and activity views on the PWA Tasks and Timesheet pages
  • Plan and track time against various project and non-project activities on the PWA Timesheet page
  • Track task progress on the PWA Tasks page.

Module 4 - Collaborating on Project Risks, Issues, and Documents

  • Review project site usage and learn how to visit and navigate within the Project Site for an enterprise project
  • View, track, and update project risks in a Project Site
  • View, upload, share, and update project documents in a Project Site.

Module 5 - Reviewing and Approving Task Updates with PWA

  • View and process submitted task status updates in the PWA Approval Center
  • View the task status updates history in the PWA Approval Center
  • Configure automatic task status acceptance rules
  • How to prevent further task status updates for tasks in a project.

Module 6 – Timesheet Management Activities with PWA

  • Create a Timesheet
  • Add or Remove Timesheet Tasks
  • Recall a Timesheet
  • Make Adjustments to a Timesheet
  • Submit a Timesheet
  • Report Holidays or other non-working time
  • Printing Timesheets

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