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Summary Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Visual Basic
The advantages of VBA
An easy-to-use and versatile language
Integrated with off-the-shelf products

Module 2 - Macros: the first step
Recording and executing macros
Enhancing with VBA code

Module 3 - Getting to Know the VBA Environment
The code design tools
• Project Explorer
• Help system
• Code Window
• IntelliSense
• Properties Window
• Object Browser
The debugging tools
• Code stepping
• Immediate Window
• Breakpoints

Module 4 – Introduction to VBA
Recording a macro
Running a macro
Editing a macro

Module 5 – Writing VBA Code
Creating modules
Project window
Properties window

Module 6 – Inputs and Outputs
Selecting cells, ranges and objects
Entering formulas and calculations
Input and message boxes

Module 7 – Variables
Assigning data to variables
Declaring variables
Data types
Variable scope
Using option explicit

Module 8 – Control Structures
If, then, select case, do, while, for & for each
Comparison Operators with Select Case Structure
For… Loops
Do Loops
While...Wend Statement

Module 9 – Objects, Properties, Methods
Objects, Properties and Methods
Getting & Setting Properties
Calling Methods
Passing Arguments
Singular Objects & Collections of Objects

Module 10 – Debugging
Quick watch (for variables)
Break points
Debug window

Module 11 – Forms (dialog boxes)
Designing & Creating Forms
Command buttons
Comboboxes (dropdowns)
Tick boxes
Radio buttons
Form initialisation

Module 12 – Menus and toolbars
Creating custom tools & toolbars

Module 13 - Events and Error Handling
Capturing errors
VBA Editing and Debugging
Manipulating errors

Module 14– Optional Extras (time permitting)
Ribbon Bar
Event triggered procedures
Creating add-in applications
Links to other applications

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