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Microsoft Access 2010 Introduction Training Course

Our Microsoft Access 2010 Introduction course will equip you with the skills to create your own databases to manage your information more effectively. This is a two-day course suitable for new or inexperienced Microsoft Access 2010 users who need to build a relational Access database.

Access training courses in London & UK
Access Training in London

Microsoft Access 2010 Introduction Training Course Content - Duration 2 days

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Module 1 – Overview of Relational Databases
What is a database?
What is a relational database?

Module 2 - Screen Layout
Overview of Ribbon and the Office Button
Understanding tabs, groups and commands
Using contextual tabs
Customize Ribbon
Add custom tabs and groups
Export a customized ribbon
Backstage View

Module 3 – Access Objects
Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Macros and

Module 4 - Tables
Creating a table in design view
Table structure: Field names and sizes
Data types
Field properties
Inserting fields
Look-up Lists
Setting a Primary Key

Module 5 – Editing Data
Selecting fields and records
Adding and deleting records
Useful shortcut keys
Finding data
Find and replace

Module 6 – Relating Tables
Overview: Why relate tables?
Types or relationship
Linking fields
The relationship window
Referential Integrity

Module 7 - Filters
Filtering in tables, Filter by selection
Exporting filtered data

Module 8 - Queries
Creating select queries
The query grid
Query criteria: Wild cards, comparison and logical operators
Summarising data in queries
Aggregate functions
Calculations in queries
Querying multiple tables
Join properties

Module 9 – Forms
Using an existing form
The form screen
Record navigation, Adding records
Creating a form using AutoForm
The form wizard, Mainform and Subform
Designing a form: labels and control sources
Selecting and moving, Resizing controls
Formatting controls, Using the toolbox
Conditional Formatting

Module 10 - Reports
Creating a report using the report wizard
Report bands, Designing reports
Creating and formatting controls
Grouping in reports, Calculating totals
Viewing a report in print preview
Printing reports

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